November 21, 2018

How to Debug Your eUICC Profiles Efficiently



The Challenge

Working at an MNO, in a test lab, or as a technical consultant at an EUM, you are frequently annoyed by faulty profiles that fail to attach to the network. Then, you are confronted with an exhausting procedure, trying to find the error by scrolling endlessly through the profile data. But there is a way out: Convenient. Clear. Swift.

The COMPRION Solution

COMPRION’s eUICC Profile Manager software features the Profile Creator, a perfect tool for fast adjustments to your profile. The integrated profile editor provides a cleverly structured view on the profile elements with direct access to the content and with user assistance, which yields an enjoyable working environment. Lean back and have a first look at the easy way of profile fixing, illustrated in the following steps.


Step 1

Using the Profile Creator, we open the profile on our hard drive. All common profile formats – even binary-coded files – are displayed in human-readable form:


As you can see, we have direct access to the individual profile elements, which are listed in the order according to the SIMalliance test specification. The ‘Content’ column shows the data of the selected profile element and allows you to change it on-the-fly.

Step 2

Now, based on the original network error message that indicated issues with IMSI or AKA, we’re looking at the first profile element that could be affected:


We check the IMSI parameters of the USIM profile element. All values are fine here, so we continue with the AKA parameter.

Step 3

Just another click, and we instantly switch to the AKA parameter details:


We verify the parameter values and detect that the profile has been used with a test algorithm (see red rectangle), whereas it should be a MILENAGE algorithm. Correct the values, save the profile, and you’re ready to return to the network environment with an updated profile.

The Conclusion

Easy access matters. When dealing with bugs in profiles, our well-engineered Profile Creator feature speeds up your daily business by providing fast access to the suspect profile elements. Detect and fix bugs in no time, then continue working with the updated profile in your network environment.

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