January 31, 2024

GSMA SGP.32: Creating Lightweight IoT Minimal eSIM Profiles with the COMPRION eUICC Profile Creator

COMPRION's eUICC Profile Creator (ePC) now also supports the creation of Lightweight IoT Minimal eSIM Profiles according to the new TCA Interoperable Profile Packages specification referenced by GSMA’s eSIM / Remote SIM Provisioning specification for IoT devices (SGP.32).

Due to the increasing proliferation of low-cost, energy-efficient IoT devices such as smart meters, sensors or smart labels – keyword "Massive IOT" – a new specification was launched in July 2023: the GSMA SGP.32. Alongside the specifications for consumer devices and M2M devices, it is the third specification for the Remote eSIM Provisioning world and takes the best of both worlds. It is less complex and considers the specific requirements of IoT devices with eSIMs, such as limited bandwidth, limited or no user interface and limited performance.

The GSMA SGP.32 IoT specification references the TCA Interoperable Profile Packages specification. This standardizes the format for remote loading of subscriptions on eSIMs. Version 3.3 of this specification defines a 'lightweight' IoT minimal profile to address the challenge of IoT devices with limited network. This update enables profile provisioning at minimum bandwidth, which is critical for the growing use of eSIMs in constrained devices and various IoT use cases.

The eUICC Profile Creator, COMPRION's tool for profile creation ensures immediate visibility and verification of all profile features according to the specified rule sets from the new TCA specification version. Olaf Rethmeier, Product Manager for eSIM Solutions at COMPRION explains: "This gives companies that provide services (MNOs, MVNOs, M2M Connectivity Providers, RSP Service Providers and Private/Campus Network Providers) and companies that otherwise work with eSIM profiles (SM-DP and SM-DP+ Providers, MNEs & MVNEs) absolute clarity on the accuracy of the eSIM profile before they are deployed in thousands of devices."

The functionality for creating Lightweight IoT Minimal Profiles on the eUICC Profile Creator is now available.

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