November 11, 2019

How to Verify Profiles on eSIM Devices


The Challenge

You plan to install a new profile on the eSIMs of various consumer devices. But how to make sure that the installation works properly with every device? Using less sophisticated test tools, checking this out means high effort: installing extra apps on each and every device, adapting the device configurations, fiddling with network simulators, and so on. That’s quite annoying! But does it really need to be that complicated? Not necessarily…

The COMPRION Solution

There is a simple way to avoid all these additional setup tasks that slow down the actual profile check: COMPRION’s eUICC Profile Manager. With this tool, you can directly connect to your own network, scan the file structure created on the eSIM during profile installation, and compare that with the file structure of the original profile file. Thus, you can immediately detect any deviations and don’t have to worry about the different devices or missed configurations. Hooked? Here we go!

Step 1
We connect to our network using its SMSC as entry point:

By the way: eUICC Profile Manager provides an editor that allows us to define the network properties fast and easy.

Step 2
Now we scan the file structure of the profile that was installed on the device. Therefore, we open the Explorer feature and scan the desired directory:


In our example, we scan the USIM directory. When the scan is complete, the file structure is displayed including the details (see right column).

Step 3
After scanning the file structure on the eSIM, we select the original profile file for comparison:



If desired, we can select the elements to be compared. We start the comparison run and have a look at the results:



The differences between the two file trees are highlighted. The result shows that a USIM service (in our case MBMS security) is indicated as not available on the eSIM (highlighted red). Based on this information we can investigate whether the service deactivation is intended behavior or an error.

The Conclusion

Checking the correct profile installation on an eSIM that is already soldered in a consumer device? This is the way to go! No hassle with the devices, no additional app handling, and no configuration issues. With eUICC Profile Manager, you simply use the interface you know best: your own network.


Find more more tips & tricks for your work with eUICC Profile Manager here

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