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February 20, 2024

Invaluable Insights into eSIM Communication

With the big boost of IoT applications and smart devices, and the growing demand for adaptable solutions that require the use of eSIMs, monitoring the interaction between these embedded SIMs and cellular modules becomes increasingly crucial. However, traditional monitoring methods that rely on physical SIM interfaces fall short when it comes to soldered eSIMs or even integrated SIMs (known as iSIMs).

Introducing COMPRION's eSIM Tracer, a pioneering software tool that redefines eSIM analysis. With real-time monitoring and in-depth APDU traffic analysis—even without direct eSIM access—eSIM Tracer offers invaluable insights. Seamlessly interfacing with vendor-specific data sources, it decodes commands and enables users to understand the communication of cellular modules.

With the unique ability to capture, decode, and analyze APDU commands, eSIM Tracer sets a new standard for the monitoring of eSIM/iSIM communication. This tool not only provides the basis for thorough diagnostics, but also facilitates contextual data analysis for effective troubleshooting.

eSIM Tracer offers benefits across the entire industry spectrum: MVNOs, M2M Connectivity and Private Network Providers gain insights into device behavior, aiding in optimization. EUMs can effectively troubleshoot specific eSIM profiles. Chipset, Module and Device Manufacturers streamline engineering processes, expediting product development.

eSIM Tracer will be available on the market in Q2 2024.

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