February 16, 2017

Promoting the Next Generation

Article published in COMPRION Customer Magazine “Testability Times“, January 2017

Being One Step Ahead

In recent years, the mobile ecosystem has been driven by a rapid technological evolution resulting in a massive impact on converging environments of our everyday life. To keep up with the challenging velocity, COMPRION emphasizes innovativeness not only in product development, but also as a holistic corporate concept. This drive to improve allows us to build the smarter product together.

Growing from Within

Being one step ahead always means anticipating tomorrow’s needs. Besides our customers' requirements, this applies especially to our employees. Hence, apart from lending an ear to our staff members as well as encouraging them to continuously enhance their skills, we provide dedicated support to young talents. That is why we now offer two young people the opportunity of a three-year apprenticeship in our company. Both are training to be an application developer. As part of our development team, they actively contribute to the creation and advancement of our test systems.

Encouraging “Girls4IT”

Women make up about 20 % of the COMPRION employees. One of our goals is to increase this figure in the future. That is why we co-initiated “Girls4IT”, a local initiative aiming to increase young women’s enthusiasm for information technology. Accompanied by a dedicated mentor, the participants are invited to spend their school holidays at COMPRION and get in touch with this very exciting job area.

Fostering Creativity

Paderborn – home of the COMPRION headquarters – is known as the city with the highest IT concentration in the federal state of North Rhine- Westphalia, accommodating over 300 IT companies. To ensure that future generations will also profit from the strong IT position, COMPRION supports different local projects that strengthen the creativity and innovativeness of young IT talents. At the coding event “PIT Hackathon”, for instance, interested youngsters collaboratively created executable systems in a short period of time, accompanied by our mentors. All in all, promoting the next generation is very important for us in order to preserve and extend our cutting-edge performance.


Andrea Wnendt, HR Development Manager

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