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January 25, 2024

White Paper: Testing the RSP Ecosystem

Device, eSIM, profile package, LPA, IPA, SM-SR, SM-DP, SM-DP+, SM-DS, eIM, OTA server, mobile network – the RSP ecosystem is very complex and includes many different components. If there are issues with only one element, the risk of failures in the field is increasing. Thus, all elements of the specified RSP ecosystem must be tested to make sure that it works as intended before they are released. Only an encompassing testing approach guarantees the quality of commercial products and prevent customer complaints and loss of business reputation.

This white paper emphasizes the importance of systematic testing in reducing development costs, saving time, and preventing field failures. By outlining a comprehensive approach to testing, it guides organizations in identifying issues early in the development cycle, promoting smooth integration of third-party solutions, and enhancing overall product quality. Explore how a blend of real and virtual elements in testing environments can optimize costs and accelerate the testing process, ensuring the robustness of RSP ecosystem components.

The white paper addresses the testing needs of:

  • MNOs
  • EUMs
  • M2M / IoT Connectivity Provider
  • MVNEs (Mobile Virtual Network Enablers)
  • RSP Service Provider
  • Private Network Providers

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