April 24, 2020

A Closer Look: What Is a Test USIM and Why Do You Need It?

Whether mobile phone manufacturers, development departments, test labs, mobile network operators, infrastructure suppliers, or even mobile phone repair companies: They all need test cards for their daily work. With Test (U)SIMs you can fully examine the functions of a mobile device and the correct interaction with the card – without needing access to a live network!

What is so special about Test USIMs?
The electrical, mechanical and environmental requirements of a Test USIM are the same as for live SIM cards. The difference is that the Test USIM is a card that supports the test algorithm for authentication. Only this enables you to easily test the UMTS authentication and key agreement procedure for the entire system.

What about the EFs (Elementary Files)?
You can update nearly all elementary files in the COMPRION Test (U)SIM for testing purposes using the COMPRION File Tree Express tool. For example, when you run conformance test cases, default parameters are defined for programming the elementary files of the test UICC. The access rights of the COMPRION Test (U)SIMs are very flexible, which means Create, Delete, and Resize commands are supported too.

Testing, Inspection & Certification
Our Test SIMs help you to verify the compliance of mobile devices with the latest industry standards. This way they improve product quality and safety.

In order to meet the growing challenges of quality and conformity, we only supply high-quality cards:

  • 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G UICCs
  • Different formats: 2FF (Plug-In), 3FF (Mini-UICC), 4FF (Nano), MFF2
  • Test eUICCs
  • Available in stock in our web shop

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