July 14, 2020

Blog: COMPRION Complements Testing Scope of Applus+ Laboratories

COMPRION extends the GlobalPlatform qualified testing scope of Applus+ Laboratories with functional eUICC tests.

eUICCs or eSIMs embedded in connected devices allow to remotely configure the subscription to a telecommunications operator. Now, the functionality of eUICCs or eSIMs and their conformity with the specifications defined by the GSMA can be validated at Applus+ Laboratories with test tools provided by COMPRION.

eSIM and Remote SIM Provisioning

eUICCs are device-embedded SIM cards that enable over-the-air (OTA) provisioning of the subscription to a telecommunications operator as well as subsequent subscription changes from one operator to another.

Different from traditional SIM cards, this solution avoids having to physically change the card. Therefore, a common ecosystem for eSIM manufacturers and operators is essential. GSMA conformity programs are a framework in which the different requirements for an eUICC to enter the remote SIM provisioning (RSP) ecosystem are defined for both M2M (machine-to-machine) and consumer devices.

M2M eUICCs are solutions for mobile connections established by any type of machine, such as smart meters, intelligent vehicles, traffic lights, or monitoring systems. Consumer device eUICCs are an equivalent solution for consumer products, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or wearables.

COMPRION Partnership with Applus+

COMPRION supports Applus+ Laboratories in extending its GlobalPlatform (GP) qualification to perform eUICC functional testing for both consumer (SGP.24 RSP) and M2M (SGP.16 RSP) devices. The purpose of these tests is to validate the remote provisioning functionality of eSIMs in accordance with the GSMA specifications.

GlobalPlatform is the entity appointed by the GSMA to manage eUICC functional certification programs. With the support of COMPRION, providing the tools necessary to perform the qualified testing services, Applus+ Laboratories will be able to perform the following functional tests:

eUICC M2M v3.2

  • eUICC M2M SGP.11 v3.3 Test Spec.
  • eUICC M2M - SIMalliance Interoperable (SIMalliance 2.1.2 Test Spec.)

eUICC Consumer v2.1 and eUICC Consumer v2.2

  • eUICC Consumer SGP.23 v1.4 Test Spec.
  • eUICC Consumer - SIMalliance Interoperable (SIMalliance 2.1.2 Test Spec.)

The tests are performed on COMPRION's comprehensive test plan management software Connectivity Test Center.

Josepmaria ROCA, Director IT Labs Area, of Applus+ Laboratories, comments, “The current collaboration strengthens Applus+ Laboratories by building a partnership with long expertise in developing eSIM testing tools”.

Eric LAFFONT, COMPRION EMEA Sales Manager, adds, “This synergy with Applus+ on GlobalPlatform eUICC test suites will greatly simplify market introduction for card manufacturers equipped with a COMPRION tester when submitting their eUICC for the GlobalPlatform validation in the lab”.

For further information, please contact us at sales@comprion.com

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