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September 01, 2015

Taking the NFC Handset Test Book to the Next Level

The GSMA TS.27 NFC Handset Test Book is a collection of test cases that verify the functionality of a mobile device for UICC-based NFC services. The GSMA TS.27 is being developed by the Test Book working group underthe GSMA Terminal Steering Group. It is the result of a close cooperation between mobile operators, device and chipset vendors and the test industry.

The need for common testing standards was caused by the fragmentation of devices for NFC based services. As a result, it was very challenging for operators to launch common services on different devices and markets. The scope of testing covers all components of a mobile device which are used with secure NFC services involving theUICC as the secure element. The typical use case involves payment services where, for example,mobile operators provide a wallet application that enables the user to make contactless payments in shops via the traditional point of sale terminal.

The test cases are either defined directly by GSMA TS.27 or they are referenced from existing test specifications created by other SDOs (standards defining organizations). Currently, these are tests from ETSI,3GPP, SIMalliance, GlobalPlatform and NFC Forum.The requirements tested in the GSMA TS.27 NFC Handset Test Book are defined in the GSMA TS.26NFC Handset Requirements. GSMA TS.26 is developed and maintained in a parallel working group. Whenever new features are defined within GSMA TS.26, corresponding test cases are added in the next version of GSMA TS.27.





Latest Published Version of TS.27 V6.0

In June, GSMA published an updated version of the TS.27 NFC Handset Test Book which further enhances the testing scope. With the release of GSMA TS.27 V6.0, a number of new tests have been defined, and test cases from NFC Forum have been referenced. The expanded scope of testing covers the following areas (also shown in figure 1):

  • Remote management of NFC services (D)
  • General device support (E)
  • Android-specific test cases (F)
  • NFC Forum tag operation test cases (A)

A total of 46 new tests have been added and 26 tests from NFC Forum test cases are referenced.


GCF Coverage

The Global Certification Forum (GCF) – consisting of mobile network operators, mobile device  manufacturers and test industry – aims to ensure interoperability and conformance of mobile devices
according to recognized standards by providing global and standardized tests and certification criteria for mobile devices.The GSMA NFC Handset Test Book has been adopted by GCF in several steps along with the TS.27 releases from GSMA and therefore various work items are defined within GCF. The first GCF work item was introduced in GCF in April 2014 based on GSMA TS.27 V3.0.

The following work items are defined in GCF:



Future Releases of GSMA TS.27

A future release of TS.27 is planned with updates that will reflect requirements introduced in GSMA TS.26. A number of new requirements have been agreed within GSMA and will create the need for new test cases. It is also expected that the ongoing alignment of the NFC technology for the public transport industry will be covered in coming versions of GSMA TS.26 and GSMA TS.27. A cooperation
between GSMA, NFC Forum and various organizations representing the transport industry is ongoing with the goal to align existing specifications and enable a global NFC environment with full interoperability between devices supporting different available standards by NFC Forum and ISO. This will enable rollout of NFC-based ticketing for public transport services across countries and service providers. The next release of GSMA TS.27 is planned for December 2015, and two more in 2016.

Author: Claus Andre Madsen, Business Development Manager

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